Snacking Healthy with Newmans


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Hi fashionistas ,

Happy new year and happy Wednesday. I hope everyone had an amazing start to the year. I must say that it has been a great kick off for me so far. 

If you dont know snacking is a weakness of mines where i enjoy all things cookies and chips although it is not the best at times. 

So when newman owns sent me over some goodies to try i was excited. For me i knew newmans for their dressings and other items but their snacks i was so unaware about. 

The good thing is that all the products are natural and organic so it gives you a healthy alternative to snacking. 

My favorite are the pretezls and popcorn and raisens which i keep at my office for snacking. My husband loved the peanut butter cups as they were his favorite. 

Do not get me started on the cookies the orange chocolate chip were so good (wishing i had more lol).

Have you tried newmans owns,  let me know would love to hear your thoughts.  Until next time. 


No Turning Back


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Hi fashionistas, 

Hope everyone had a blessed and productive week. It has been a short one as i was off on friday before new years eve which is what i was happy i did as i got to spend so much needed time with my sister friends who i love adore and are family to me. 

2016 has been a year for me . I have to say there has been some highs with getting to work with brands, covering new york fashion week, and just expanding the blog where more people know who i am. As well as landing a new job.That was such a blessing.

With highs there are lows and the death of my grandfather was very hard and still hard for me to process as i love him and still do . I know he is so proud of me and watching over me everyday. 

I learned so much this year in which i can see it has helped me to put what matters first in perspective. 

So as 2017 approaches im looking forward to expanding my brand and blog more and just being successful.  

What are some goals and accomplishments you have . I would love to hear?

Kenzo for H&M


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Hi fashionistas, 

Happy tuesday hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it doing so overdue cleaning and spending time with my husband. I also finally worked on a media kit for myself which im so excited about.

Work has been so crazy and there is so much i want to share with the blog. Which will be coming soon.

When the kenzo for hm line came out i really wanted to jump on board but im honest and the price point was not something i wanted or could really deal with at the time. Especially if im not in love.

So on a recent trip there to the store they had marked down the items this overall dress which was 300 dollars i paid 80 dollars yes you see correct 80. 

What i love is the detail of it and the qulaity and of course the pockets cause what girl does not love a dress with pockets lol. 

I paired the dress with a simple blouse and for extra pop of color these booties and you know i love my hats so my veil beenie gave me the look i was going for.

To dress it down i could switch the boots for sneakers. What you think i love to hear your thoughts. Until next time.

Fine Dining in your local neighborhood 


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Hi fashionistas , 

Happy Wednesday  hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend .  I spent it with my family and just relaxing and regrouping.

One of my favorite times besides shopping lol, is to go out to eat with my husband where we enjoy some good food and downtime.

Sometimes traveling to the city is a no go for us so to discover nice restaurants in the neighborhood that give you that city vibe and feel is a plus.

The pine bar and grill located on eastchester road in the bronx is one of those restaurants. They are an italian american restaurant that offer so much different and delicious foods. 

Im all about customer service and they are excellent when it comes to that . I have to say this is my favorite restaurant to dine at. i actually hosted a birthday and family dinner here on the upper level which gives you privacy. 

In the summer they have a lovely roof top that is amazing paired with good music. so if ever in the bronx check it out you will not be disappointed. 

Until next time

Taking a break is always good


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Hi fashionistas , 

I know its been awhile with me posting and i know i will post a pic here and there on Instagram but never fully go through with blogging.

So much has happen in this short month and im still trying to process it all. Earlier this month i lost my grandfather and it was very hard for me to cope with as he actually raised me and i saw him more like a father to me. 

So losing him was hard and still it but im thankful for the memories and knowing he is in a better place away from pain and suffering. 

Moving on or going through my regular day has been rough but im so thankful for friends and family who check in on me everyday just to see how im doing.

I will not lie i was going to give up blogging but then i remember i need to keep going and keeping doing what i love which is sharing my fashion style. 

This look was one i wore before winter came in with the cold. everything is mostly thrifted except the vest and bag. The nine west camo boots i purchased from poshmark and the open cardigan from local thrift store. This whole look was perfect .  

I hope you enjoy the look. until next time . 

SeeHave you try Dove

Hi fashionistas , 

Before i go on this post is sponspered by dove but all opinions are my own. 

For years i have been using dove as i love it so much. Their deodorants are amazing and recently they have revamped the brand by adding their line of dry spray deodorants which i was introduced to last year at an event and fell in love.

So i was so excited when dove sent me some new ones to try. with my package i was sent detail descriptions of the new line which i love and what it offers and benefits.

Me being the working women and blogger this 48 hour lasting makes it so great.

My favorite is the soothing chamomile. it smells so good lol. what i also love is that although i may sweat the deodorant last throughout the day.

Love to hear your thoughts. have you try dove let me know. until next time. 

Casual to the work place


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Hi fashionistas , 

Last week i posted a look but did not go into detail and blog about it till now.

Dressing down for my job is what i enjoy as i do not have to worry and just can be comfortable 

When my blogger boo stylenpoise posted this leopard moto jacket from zara i had to have it cause i love leopard print.

I paired it with this cute sweater i scored from burlington and paired it with leggings and these leopard print oxfords from the june ambrose collection was the perfect fit.

Let me know what you think. until next time.

Oversized & Stripes


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Hi fashionistas , 

Todays post is all about this aamazing  oversized sweatshirt and striped skirt both combined was under fifty dollars win. 

The shirt i scored from my local marshalls for 12 dollars and the skirt was from the banana Republic outlet and it was only 16 dollars. The denim jacket is a thrifted.

The booties are some comfortable and cute. scored them from lowes. this whole look gave me fall vibes. 

Let me know what you think. until next time.

Goals before 33



Hi fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday i hope everyone is having a great week. I am busy as always lol but i wanted to share a different post with you all. As you know my bday was october 8 and i recently turned 33 as someone told me its my jesus year. I have to say that im blessed and thankful.

Before my bday i decided to have some goals accomplish before year 33 and i have to say that im proud to have acheived them. I did not go overboard and have unrelaistic goals but i was determined. so i wanted to share with you my list below.

1. Find a new job where i will grow and develop more skills

2. save more money

3. pay off bills in full

4. Attend more events for blogging 

5. Network more

6. live life

I have to say i was able to check all those things off my goal list. Looking for a new job was priority and i prayed and stayed faithful till the right opportunity came along and now im loving it and know that im going to excel and grow.

Saving money is and up and down thing for me but this year i focus and buckled down and was able to do it which resulted in clearing off some debt double win.

As a blogger there are events that you want to or have to attend and i was shy at times to go but decided if i want to be successful then i need to go out and get what i want. one major was covering nyfw.

Networking has been hard but it was great as i work with brands such as derma e, caress, dove and other beauty brands.

Living life is just that living life cause it is not always about work work and work which is what i always do. so i promise to have fun and enjoy cause life is too short and spending time with my friends and family is what its all about.

So turning 33 was exciting and im looking forward to accomplishing more goals. 

Do you set goals before your bday .  love to hear your thoughts.

Its a 90’s Celebration 


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Hi Fashionistas,

It has been so long since i blogged and its really because work has been keeping me busy and i just been celebrating my birthday all month long lol.

My birthday was october 8 and my husband decided to throw me a 90’s theme party and i was all for it although im a 80’s baby. 

I told my husband my concept and i must say he did the job so amazing that everyone stated they felt they were at a 90s party.

The guest were able to wear cute buttons that had  different 90s slogans which everyone love. 

The dj played nothing but hits from the 90s. We were dancing all  night and the backdrop my husband had made was great. 

Now for my look i  went to my girl missrockwellsracks on instgram and order these amazing plaid shorts and paired it with a sequin top i scored on clearance at macys. Paired with moto boots.

Shoutout to my girl/makeup artist tiffany check her out on instgram makeupbytiffy. She has been doing my makeup for years and never disappoints. 

This was one of the best and amazing bday i had and so excited for the next chapter. Hope you enjoy. Until next time.

The man who planned and executed this whole thing. My husbandrocks


These cupcakes were so good

Thats a wrap 😉😀