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Who does not love getting a new car especially when you can get it at a reasonable price. 

When me and my husband were looking for a new car, we knew what was in our budget and what we can afford.

So when searching for the right car we went through different searches such as make and model. With car.com you you can use their site to obtain pricing on the lastest cars and it will provide you with the pricing and possible payment options. It will direct you of different car dealerships you can go to for further pricing.

This was beneficial for me and my husband when looking for our car. We were able to obtain a 2017 honda accord at our price point. 

I was extremely excited and happy as we were able to get the car we want at the price we wanted.

When looking for the car you want make sure you do your research as well as negotiating as you can actually get better deals at time when letting the dealership know your price point and budget.

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So how do you shop for a new car. I would love to hear your thoughts .