Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Monday,hope all is well with everyone. It has been so long since i blogged and i missed you all so much. Alot has been happening and one of those is that myself and my husband are expecting our first child in july. We are so excited, thankful and blessed.

If you told me a year ago i was going to be a mom i would have said yeah right lol. Don’t get me wrong im excited but im such a planner when it comes to my life but god shows up and says other wise.

My first trimester was hard i was sick almost everyday and made ir rough to go to work everyday or even go out.

Now that im in my second trimester im looking forward to sharing with you my maternity fashion style and what has been working for me and what does not. Thank you for all the well wishes that you have given me and look forward to sharing more. Until next time.