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Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday. I had a busy weekend full of some fun and also organizing. Hubby and I went to ikea for the first time over the weekend and i can see why everyone loves the place. We are updating our home before baby gets here. Were working on living room first.

I decided i dont want to drive you all crazy with pregnancy post every second but i wanted to share how i have been surviving my pregnancy so far. I am currently 27 weeks in my third trimester like where is the time.

My second trimester was the best thats your best time and moments, energy is up and all.

For most part ive been good. Now lets talk about clothing.

Now we all know maternity clothing can be expensive especially if your not going to use it again.

Now i will say i have purchase some items that have been working good for me and didn’t cost too much.

Maternity leggings

Now not all are the best and some are pricy but i was able to get me a few from kohls and target and they were inexpensive but comfortable. I also purchased leggings from plus size department and that worked well for me too.


Currently i sized up in my clothing. I never enjoyed wearing tights clothing all the time so most of myclothing before pregnancy was oversized or loose fit.

Dresses are great to wear as they are comfortable and easy to throw on as well.

Shopping your Closet

Most of my items such as cardigans and dresses have been saving me especially since im working full time.

What are some your favorite non maternity clothing. Love to hear your thoughts.