Reality of Motherhood

Hi Fashionistas ,

It has been awhile since i have spoken with you all but motherhood has taken over and been my new normal. I am thankful to be able to dress once in a blue lol.

I wanted to talk with you all about my birthstory two months later lol. As most of you know my due date was july 8 but around 32 weeks i had to go to the doctor weekly due to my blood type being o positive with a rare antibody attached to it. Now non pregnant its not an issue but pregnant it is a whole different ball game lol. As it can affect the baby growth.

Now im thankful baby boy was healthy but they suggested at 37 weeks i should be induced as they can no longer monitored my growth with the baby.

Now when i was told this i was upset and worried. Anybody that knows me knows how i am. Me being who i am tried to delay it cause in my heart i felt he was not ready to be here yet.

Also around that time there were some issues at my job that I was going through that made it ten times worse so i was pretty overwhelmed and stressed.

This was my first pregnancy and everything i planned out to happen was not going that way.

So on monday June 25 myself and my husband went to the hospital to begin the induction process but when we got to my room to be set up , the nurse explained they were waiting for my doctor to come.

When my doctor arrived he informed me that i will be getting a c section due to me having rods in my back and unable to push naturally as it could lead to serious damage to me in the long run. Of course i was upset but i wanted my son to be healthy and safe. At 1:30pm i walked in for a c section and at 1:45pm Mr. Caden Joseph Summerville was born at 6lbs and 12 ounces 21 inches long.

The love me and my husband have for our son is amazing and indescribable all the sleepless nights was worth it.


Celebrating Him

Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday. Ive been in my nesting mode getting ready for my baby boy to come and preparing his nursery. At first i felt bad not posting content like i normally do but im preparing for my soon to be new life as a mom.

Today i want to talk about my husband as its his birthday. We are celebrating a milestone as he has turned the big 40. Although he looks Like he still in his 20’s lol.

I remember telling him i was pregnant he was so excited and the first thing he said was no more stressing. My husband is the most easy going person who never let things get to him.

Through this whole pregnancy he has been there every step of the way and i could not be more appreciative and thankful to have a partner and bestfriend like him.

So happy birthday my love. When asked what you wanted for your bday you said you have everything with me and baby boy. We are going to celebrate today and everyday. You get to drink and ill have a mocktail lol.

My non-maternity clothing and bump update


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Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday. I had a busy weekend full of some fun and also organizing. Hubby and I went to ikea for the first time over the weekend and i can see why everyone loves the place. We are updating our home before baby gets here. Were working on living room first.

I decided i dont want to drive you all crazy with pregnancy post every second but i wanted to share how i have been surviving my pregnancy so far. I am currently 27 weeks in my third trimester like where is the time.

My second trimester was the best thats your best time and moments, energy is up and all.

For most part ive been good. Now lets talk about clothing.

Now we all know maternity clothing can be expensive especially if your not going to use it again.

Now i will say i have purchase some items that have been working good for me and didn’t cost too much.

Maternity leggings

Now not all are the best and some are pricy but i was able to get me a few from kohls and target and they were inexpensive but comfortable. I also purchased leggings from plus size department and that worked well for me too.


Currently i sized up in my clothing. I never enjoyed wearing tights clothing all the time so most of myclothing before pregnancy was oversized or loose fit.

Dresses are great to wear as they are comfortable and easy to throw on as well.

Shopping your Closet

Most of my items such as cardigans and dresses have been saving me especially since im working full time.

What are some your favorite non maternity clothing. Love to hear your thoughts.

Making legwear great


Hi Fashionistas,

Before i begin *this is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinion are my own*

Growing up as a kid i always had to wear tights and i could not stand it as they were uncomfortable or just plain ugly lol.

So as an adult i was not a fan but when Berkshire sent me some to try on it reunited my love for leg wear again .

What i love are the amazing designs they have created that makes it comfortable and cute.

My favorite are the texture tights as they are perfect for the cold months we have at this time.

So tell me are you down with wearing tights again. Love to hear your thoughts. Until next time.

Surprise im pregnant


Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Monday,hope all is well with everyone. It has been so long since i blogged and i missed you all so much. Alot has been happening and one of those is that myself and my husband are expecting our first child in july. We are so excited, thankful and blessed.

If you told me a year ago i was going to be a mom i would have said yeah right lol. Don’t get me wrong im excited but im such a planner when it comes to my life but god shows up and says other wise.

My first trimester was hard i was sick almost everyday and made ir rough to go to work everyday or even go out.

Now that im in my second trimester im looking forward to sharing with you my maternity fashion style and what has been working for me and what does not. Thank you for all the well wishes that you have given me and look forward to sharing more. Until next time.

Being Fashionable with a Statement Hat 


Hi Fashionistas,

It has been so long since i bought youguys a style post but i have missed you all and thank you for continuing to rock me. For the new year i have some really exciting news to share but lets get into todays style post.
*This is a sponsor post but all thoughts and opinions are my own *
If you know me you know i love hats as they are apart of my signature style. So when Scala teamed up with me for their lovely and fashionable hat’s.  I was so excited.
Scala has a lovely selection of affordable hat’s that are stylish without breaking the bank. The boulce and chain fisherman hat in navy i adore. The detailing of it was amazing that i can dress up and down.
For this look i dress it casual wearing some over the knee boots, jeans and cardigan. It was a perfect look just to hang out with friends or casual date night.
Tell me are you a hat lover like me i love to hear your thoughts.DSC_2564DSC_2567DSC_2563DSC_2565

Getting a great car for the right price.


Hello my Fashionistas,

*This is a sponsored post*

Who does not love getting a new car especially when you can get it at a reasonable price. 

When me and my husband were looking for a new car, we knew what was in our budget and what we can afford.

So when searching for the right car we went through different searches such as make and model. With you you can use their site to obtain pricing on the lastest cars and it will provide you with the pricing and possible payment options. It will direct you of different car dealerships you can go to for further pricing.

This was beneficial for me and my husband when looking for our car. We were able to obtain a 2017 honda accord at our price point. 

I was extremely excited and happy as we were able to get the car we want at the price we wanted.

When looking for the car you want make sure you do your research as well as negotiating as you can actually get better deals at time when letting the dealership know your price point and budget.

Check out

So how do you shop for a new car. I would love to hear your thoughts .

💜 Fall Shoe Trend 👠👢


Hi Fashionistas, 

Happy friday. I hope everyone had a great work week. Mines has been crazy long and busy but i wanted to share with you a recent partnership with the mills at jersey gardens i did which was amazing.

Disclaimer: This is a #sponser post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Who does not love fall, clearly i do cause one its my bday month october yeaa and two for the shoes. I am such a boot girl and there were some amazing new trends that swept me away.

Right now through september 30 the mills at jersey gardens will be giving away a pair of shoes daily and give shoppers the opportunity to win a simon gift card towards your purchase.

Combat boots are the hottest fall trends .Clearly i was loving the selection from century 21 as they are trendy and affordable.  These rocketdog burgendy boots with fringe detail were my favorite and i ended up purchasing my own. 

These glitter doc martins had me obessed and still considering get me a pair.

Vans® Shoe Giveaway – The Mills at Jersey Gardens Facebook fans will have the chance to win a pair of Vans shoes every day. Each winner will receive a Vans voucher to redeem for one pair of shoes inside the Vans store at The Mills at Jersey Gardens. Shoppers can enter to win by commenting on the Sweepstakes Facebook post on The Mills at Jersey Gardens Facebook Page, which will be live each day at 10:00 AM EST. The winner will be announced daily on Facebook by 10:00 AM EST

 Mystery Shoe Box Giveaway – The first 20 customers to stop by The Mills at Jersey Gardens’ Guests Services on September 15 – 17, 22 – 24, 29 and 30 will receive a Mystery Shoe Box. Each box will contain a retailer gift card ranging anywhere from $20 – $100 for shoppers to use toward their new fall shoe wardrobe. The official rules and regulations are available at The Mills at Jersey Gardens’ Guest Services booth.

Took a long extended break

Hi Fashionistas,

I can not believe we are almost through with the month of September and my bday is approaching soon (october 8). Now the last time i checked i havent post since may so i basically took the summer off lol but it was much needed although i still posted on instagram. I realized i connected more by just posting and not physically actually writing a blog post.  

I also been working on my new business of being a jewelry consultant with tracilynn fashion jewelry and i have,been loving it although i will not lie it is alot of work like seriously it is. 

I am also growing as a person where i no longer need the validation of my other peers in the industry and just rock to my own beat and be me. 

I also learned that everyone is not your friend and i have accepted it and moved on. So i have to say my long extended break helped me to get where i am today. 

So i will leave with some of my favorite post from the summer. Until next time.

New Venture New Opportunity 


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Hi fashionistas, 

Happy monday. I wanted to share with you all a new business venture i decided to step out on . I love accessories and believe a great statement pieces especially a bold statement necklace.  

So when the opportunity came along to join the tracilynn family i knew it was a go. Now what i love is that her jewlery is unique and affordable.  It will not turn and will be a show stopper. 

So if interested shop my direct link below and if your interested in partner with or learning more about the business as well as making extra cash. You can contact me by email