No Spend February


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Hi Fashionistas,

It is March 1 and we are in a new month. However before we talk about this new month. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have heard me talking about i decided to do a no spend February so i can relax and save some money as i was going overboard at the time.

As you know i am a lifestyle blogger and a fashion stylish so sometimes i like to update my wardrobe frequently and what happens is i have way too much and then i have to purge my closet. So i decided i was not doing that and was going to wear what i have pay more on my bills and keep it moving.

I had an accountability partner through this process which made it better as she helped me alot especially when i wanted to give up. You wonder why i would give up as it is hard. I have always Said i would do a no spend month and would throw in the towel this time i was determined.

I will not lie when i tell you the first two weeks were hard but after that i was good. Actually i was unbothered. I realize what i did not need at all and that i utilize my closet more. I was also able to focus on my business that i have started at this time (online styling consultant and custom clothing and accessory design specialists ). I will talk more about this in another post.

Through this experience i learned about budgeting more and why i was shopping the way i was which i will explain soon. This process has been amazing that moving forward i know i may be continuing for a few more months but having limits which will include a shopping budget and more.

If your interested in learning more definitely comment as i would love to hear how you budget or if you done a no spend month.

My Journey

Hey Hey

Its has been so long since i uploaded a real post. I know we no longer blog anymore and i was going to stop and shut down my blog but then i realize my blog is my journal and for me to just express myself judged free at times.

So in regards to this post it was organized suppose to be featured in a magazine article that would have been posted now but unfortunately it did not happen due to covid and other issues beyond my control. I was disappointed 😞 but i realized i can still put out my journey for others to see understand and be aware.

I say thank you in advance as this was hard to talk about and its often something that is not shared alot. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

The day that I discovered that I was pregnant with my son was the happiest day of my life as often people who do not know me personally know that I had struggled for years to get pregnant. There was nothing wrong with me at all but at the time I was working at a very stressful job and I believe that it was not the place or time for me to have a child. During those times I felt less of a woman and thought why this was not happening to me, what did I do to have this issue or why is it so hard for me to get pregnant.

I remember the day I knew I was pregnant back in November of 2017. I told my husband my period was late and he told me oh you know that nothing it happens but you will get it but I knew differently. So at 2am in the morning I took a pregnancy test well about five of them lol and all came back positive. I woke up my husband and told him the news and he kissed me and stated that I did not need to stress anymore.  Yes I was relieved and excited we were having a baby due in July of 2019. Our lives were going to change forever.

My pregnancy was overall good I did not have complications in the beginning and I worked through my entire pregnancy. When the blood work started to come through later on I was told I had a rare blood type that produce a rare antibody that could affect the baby and I was informed I needed to be induced at 37 weeks. I was scared of course. So on June 25 of 2018 I ended up with c-section and had a healthy baby boy. All was well in the world. I was a new mother and I was adjusting well getting into the swings of things.

During this time people would check in on me to see how I was doing and if I was having the baby blues which is what women often have after giving birth. I was good. I ended up being on maternity leave for four months as that was all I can do while being out unfortunately. So I was a new mom with a four month old and had to go back to work. During this time was when I started to feel different but would push it aside.

What made me realize that I may have postpartum depression was that I was becoming very emotional off of any and everything. I am a typical emotional person but this time it would be more extreme. When I tried to open up to people who I thought would understand I was only told that this is part of life and get over it. You know how hurtful it was to hear that. For me I am the most understanding and caring person . I am always there for anyone who needs me but when it was my turn it was not received at all. In fact it put me in a more negative and in a deeper hole if that makes sense.

I started to isolate myself, not answering phone calls and not going out at all. If I was invited out I turn it down because I felt that it was not genuine at all. Prior to having my son everyone would blow up my phone and hang out with me. After having my child the phone was mostly silent with a few people I spoke to hear and there. There was even family who disregarded my feelings at the time and that hurt the most. I will not lie I was in a very bad space that it started to cause issue with my marriage. I felt like my husband did not understand me or was not being supportive as I needed him to be.  I was doubting myself as a mother feeling that I was not good enough as seeing all other moms on social media look like motherhood is simple and easy and that anyone could do it but I was wrong.

My wakeup call was realizing that there was more to life and that it was ok to not be ok. Once I understood and accepted this I was able to move on. I did also seek counseling which has helped me a lot and have been taking it day by day. I know that I still have a long way to go in my journey and I may not be fully healed but I’m on the way to being a better and stronger wife and mother. I also found a support group of other mothers that can relate to me and what I am currently and will continue to go through. I know that there are other women out here who are going through something similar and I want my story to encourage and inspire them.

Quarantined Chronicle’s

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Thursday we are one day closer to the weekend is what i would normally say but since the covid-19 and being home as well as practicing social distancing everyday is starting to look the same to me.

Like most of you , we are home and working as well as taking care of your children whether you have a toddler or doing distance learning with your kids. It is very hard. I mean i thought working and being a mother was hard but working from home and parenting is ten times harder.

To the point that i am often doing my work all day or in the late hours of the evening so it is very hard and stressful to the point i was considering taking a leave just being honest. However bills have to be paid.

Being home i will say is also challenging for me as i am a outside person. I love to be able to go out and just browse at my local stores. Now that is a thing of the past and waiting on lines and wearing face masks is the new normal.

I try to look at everything from a positive perspective. I was able to do things that i never would have done such as doing my own hair and nails. I have to say i am very proud of myself cause those are task i would have never did if i was not force to be home.

So what have you all been up to while staying home and being safe. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Balancing it all

Hey Fashionistas ,

Happy Tuesday hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. Mines was great as i spent it with my family. In fact i was on a brief vacation and it was weird cause i have not taking time off since returning back to work last october after my maternity leave.The time off helped me to process some stuff that has been on my mind lately and i am hoping that my focus moving forward will be in the right direction.Being a fulltime mom and working full time is hard. There are days i want to quit my job and focus on being a mother as i feel im missing out on so much working. I realized that i focus for many years on goals in my career and did not think i can do both having a family.When talking to alot of my other mom friends they also agree about how hard it is to do both.I have been learning that it is a balance and that it is ok to fall short as nobody is the perfect mom but i will tell you i will keep trying no matter what.What are some tips you do to find that balance comment below.

Life after 1

Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday. If some of you are not aware my son turned one last month and we just finish celebrating his bday party this past weekend. I am so happy that the party is over as it was stressful and im still recovering from it but the look on my son face made it all worth it in the end.What nobody tells you is what to expect after one.

Most do not know but i breastfeed my son the whole year and were still going . I thought right after he turned one we would be done but nope he has other plans.I have been trying to introduce whole milk to him but hes not having it at all but im not giving up at all as i know it takes time.

We have been giving him solids but are still giving him some puree. Working and reading on how to get into that fully as im not with the baby led weaning as of yet.

Caden is sleeping more through the night which is a plus but this momma does not which ill talk about more in another post.I still can not believe this little one is now a toddler where did my baby go so fast.

Alot of people have already asked when im having baby number 2 and that is a whole different post on that subject.

How did you mommas handle your babies after 1. Love to hear your thoughts .

Always on Time

Hi Fashionistas,

*This post is sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own. It is a collaboration with Jord *.

Happy new year hope everyone year has kicked off with a bang. This momma has been extremely busy balancing work and motherhood . Where i feel there is not much time in my day.

What keeps me going is knowing that im on time and with Jord watches they always keep me up to date with the lastest fashion and styles.

When Jord reached out to me to model and talk about their amazing watches i could not resist. Now Jord is usually known for their wood watches but their Sier brand is amazing and my favorite.

What i enjoyed is the leather band and marble detailing of the watch. What makes it even great is being able to switch the band so i can either dress it up or down.

If you love watches as much as i do . I have partner up for an amazing giveaway that gives you a chance to get your own jord watch.

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Reality of Motherhood

Hi Fashionistas ,

It has been awhile since i have spoken with you all but motherhood has taken over and been my new normal. I am thankful to be able to dress once in a blue lol.

I wanted to talk with you all about my birthstory two months later lol. As most of you know my due date was july 8 but around 32 weeks i had to go to the doctor weekly due to my blood type being o positive with a rare antibody attached to it. Now non pregnant its not an issue but pregnant it is a whole different ball game lol. As it can affect the baby growth.

Now im thankful baby boy was healthy but they suggested at 37 weeks i should be induced as they can no longer monitored my growth with the baby.

Now when i was told this i was upset and worried. Anybody that knows me knows how i am. Me being who i am tried to delay it cause in my heart i felt he was not ready to be here yet.

Also around that time there were some issues at my job that I was going through that made it ten times worse so i was pretty overwhelmed and stressed.

This was my first pregnancy and everything i planned out to happen was not going that way.

So on monday June 25 myself and my husband went to the hospital to begin the induction process but when we got to my room to be set up , the nurse explained they were waiting for my doctor to come.

When my doctor arrived he informed me that i will be getting a c section due to me having rods in my back and unable to push naturally as it could lead to serious damage to me in the long run. Of course i was upset but i wanted my son to be healthy and safe. At 1:30pm i walked in for a c section and at 1:45pm Mr. Caden Joseph Summerville was born at 6lbs and 12 ounces 21 inches long.

The love me and my husband have for our son is amazing and indescribable all the sleepless nights was worth it.

Celebrating Him

Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday. Ive been in my nesting mode getting ready for my baby boy to come and preparing his nursery. At first i felt bad not posting content like i normally do but im preparing for my soon to be new life as a mom.

Today i want to talk about my husband as its his birthday. We are celebrating a milestone as he has turned the big 40. Although he looks Like he still in his 20’s lol.

I remember telling him i was pregnant he was so excited and the first thing he said was no more stressing. My husband is the most easy going person who never let things get to him.

Through this whole pregnancy he has been there every step of the way and i could not be more appreciative and thankful to have a partner and bestfriend like him.

So happy birthday my love. When asked what you wanted for your bday you said you have everything with me and baby boy. We are going to celebrate today and everyday. You get to drink and ill have a mocktail lol.

My non-maternity clothing and bump update


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Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday. I had a busy weekend full of some fun and also organizing. Hubby and I went to ikea for the first time over the weekend and i can see why everyone loves the place. We are updating our home before baby gets here. Were working on living room first.

I decided i dont want to drive you all crazy with pregnancy post every second but i wanted to share how i have been surviving my pregnancy so far. I am currently 27 weeks in my third trimester like where is the time.

My second trimester was the best thats your best time and moments, energy is up and all.

For most part ive been good. Now lets talk about clothing.

Now we all know maternity clothing can be expensive especially if your not going to use it again.

Now i will say i have purchase some items that have been working good for me and didn’t cost too much.

Maternity leggings

Now not all are the best and some are pricy but i was able to get me a few from kohls and target and they were inexpensive but comfortable. I also purchased leggings from plus size department and that worked well for me too.


Currently i sized up in my clothing. I never enjoyed wearing tights clothing all the time so most of myclothing before pregnancy was oversized or loose fit.

Dresses are great to wear as they are comfortable and easy to throw on as well.

Shopping your Closet

Most of my items such as cardigans and dresses have been saving me especially since im working full time.

What are some your favorite non maternity clothing. Love to hear your thoughts.