Hi Fashionistas ,

It has been awhile since i have spoken with you all but motherhood has taken over and been my new normal. I am thankful to be able to dress once in a blue lol.

I wanted to talk with you all about my birthstory two months later lol. As most of you know my due date was july 8 but around 32 weeks i had to go to the doctor weekly due to my blood type being o positive with a rare antibody attached to it. Now non pregnant its not an issue but pregnant it is a whole different ball game lol. As it can affect the baby growth.

Now im thankful baby boy was healthy but they suggested at 37 weeks i should be induced as they can no longer monitored my growth with the baby.

Now when i was told this i was upset and worried. Anybody that knows me knows how i am. Me being who i am tried to delay it cause in my heart i felt he was not ready to be here yet.

Also around that time there were some issues at my job that I was going through that made it ten times worse so i was pretty overwhelmed and stressed.

This was my first pregnancy and everything i planned out to happen was not going that way.

So on monday June 25 myself and my husband went to the hospital to begin the induction process but when we got to my room to be set up , the nurse explained they were waiting for my doctor to come.

When my doctor arrived he informed me that i will be getting a c section due to me having rods in my back and unable to push naturally as it could lead to serious damage to me in the long run. Of course i was upset but i wanted my son to be healthy and safe. At 1:30pm i walked in for a c section and at 1:45pm Mr. Caden Joseph Summerville was born at 6lbs and 12 ounces 21 inches long.

The love me and my husband have for our son is amazing and indescribable all the sleepless nights was worth it.