Hi Fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday. If some of you are not aware my son turned one last month and we just finish celebrating his bday party this past weekend. I am so happy that the party is over as it was stressful and im still recovering from it but the look on my son face made it all worth it in the end.What nobody tells you is what to expect after one.

Most do not know but i breastfeed my son the whole year and were still going . I thought right after he turned one we would be done but nope he has other plans.I have been trying to introduce whole milk to him but hes not having it at all but im not giving up at all as i know it takes time.

We have been giving him solids but are still giving him some puree. Working and reading on how to get into that fully as im not with the baby led weaning as of yet.

Caden is sleeping more through the night which is a plus but this momma does not which ill talk about more in another post.I still can not believe this little one is now a toddler where did my baby go so fast.

Alot of people have already asked when im having baby number 2 and that is a whole different post on that subject.

How did you mommas handle your babies after 1. Love to hear your thoughts .