Hey Fashionistas ,

Happy Tuesday hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. Mines was great as i spent it with my family. In fact i was on a brief vacation and it was weird cause i have not taking time off since returning back to work last october after my maternity leave.The time off helped me to process some stuff that has been on my mind lately and i am hoping that my focus moving forward will be in the right direction.Being a fulltime mom and working full time is hard. There are days i want to quit my job and focus on being a mother as i feel im missing out on so much working. I realized that i focus for many years on goals in my career and did not think i can do both having a family.When talking to alot of my other mom friends they also agree about how hard it is to do both.I have been learning that it is a balance and that it is ok to fall short as nobody is the perfect mom but i will tell you i will keep trying no matter what.What are some tips you do to find that balance comment below.