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Hi Fashionistas,

It is March 1 and we are in a new month. However before we talk about this new month. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have heard me talking about i decided to do a no spend February so i can relax and save some money as i was going overboard at the time.

As you know i am a lifestyle blogger and a fashion stylish so sometimes i like to update my wardrobe frequently and what happens is i have way too much and then i have to purge my closet. So i decided i was not doing that and was going to wear what i have pay more on my bills and keep it moving.

I had an accountability partner through this process which made it better as she helped me alot especially when i wanted to give up. You wonder why i would give up as it is hard. I have always Said i would do a no spend month and would throw in the towel this time i was determined.

I will not lie when i tell you the first two weeks were hard but after that i was good. Actually i was unbothered. I realize what i did not need at all and that i utilize my closet more. I was also able to focus on my business that i have started at this time (online styling consultant and custom clothing and accessory design specialists ). I will talk more about this in another post.

Through this experience i learned about budgeting more and why i was shopping the way i was which i will explain soon. This process has been amazing that moving forward i know i may be continuing for a few more months but having limits which will include a shopping budget and more.

If your interested in learning more definitely comment as i would love to hear how you budget or if you done a no spend month.