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Hi Fashionistas ,

Hope everyone had a great weekend , I spent mines relaxing but on saturday ,i hosted with a few friends a vision board party which was so much fun but i will tell you  more about that in another post coming this week.

Now i know you are wondering Drea what is with the topic. Being a fashion blogger for the last four years has been amazing but it can also place a dent in your closet from time to time due to you always wanting to keep up with the lastest fashions and just having it all. For me i just love fashion period  and i think working at my previous job which was in child welfare and very stressful at the time , shopping was a way to release my stress and other triggers.

Now that i am at a different environment and also want to change my style , i have been doing clothing purges. I am going through everything from clothing, bags to shoes. Most is being  donated and others i am planning to sell on my poshmark account. Now there are some items that i give to close close friends but that it is it.

I am also thinking about doing a closet sale but need to figure out exactly how that will work. I know i was told i should do a clothing swap which i think is nice but the previous ones ive been to in the past i was not impressed by lol.

So starting February 1 i am going on a no shopping spree , meaning only buying things that i need not the things that i want because i have enough at this time ( more than enough). I already have an accountability partner and im excited . I do not know how long  i will plan to do the no shop for maybe till my vacation coming up which is in July so that will be four months. I can do it no pressure. I will check in and keep everyone updated on how well i do.

So what do you ladies and gentlemen think, have you done a no  spend and if so how did it work out for you. I would love to hear your thoughts. Until next time.