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Hi fashionistas, 

Hope everyone had a blessed and productive week. It has been a short one as i was off on friday before new years eve which is what i was happy i did as i got to spend so much needed time with my sister friends who i love adore and are family to me. 

2016 has been a year for me . I have to say there has been some highs with getting to work with brands, covering new york fashion week, and just expanding the blog where more people know who i am. As well as landing a new job.That was such a blessing.

With highs there are lows and the death of my grandfather was very hard and still hard for me to process as i love him and still do . I know he is so proud of me and watching over me everyday. 

I learned so much this year in which i can see it has helped me to put what matters first in perspective. 

So as 2017 approaches im looking forward to expanding my brand and blog more and just being successful.  

What are some goals and accomplishments you have . I would love to hear?