Hi fashionistas,

Happy Wednesday i hope everyone is having a great week. I am busy as always lol but i wanted to share a different post with you all. As you know my bday was october 8 and i recently turned 33 as someone told me its my jesus year. I have to say that im blessed and thankful.

Before my bday i decided to have some goals accomplish before year 33 and i have to say that im proud to have acheived them. I did not go overboard and have unrelaistic goals but i was determined. so i wanted to share with you my list below.

1. Find a new job where i will grow and develop more skills

2. save more money

3. pay off bills in full

4. Attend more events for blogging 

5. Network more

6. live life

I have to say i was able to check all those things off my goal list. Looking for a new job was priority and i prayed and stayed faithful till the right opportunity came along and now im loving it and know that im going to excel and grow.

Saving money is and up and down thing for me but this year i focus and buckled down and was able to do it which resulted in clearing off some debt double win.

As a blogger there are events that you want to or have to attend and i was shy at times to go but decided if i want to be successful then i need to go out and get what i want. one major was covering nyfw.

Networking has been hard but it was great as i work with brands such as derma e, caress, dove and other beauty brands.

Living life is just that living life cause it is not always about work work and work which is what i always do. so i promise to have fun and enjoy cause life is too short and spending time with my friends and family is what its all about.

So turning 33 was exciting and im looking forward to accomplishing more goals. 

Do you set goals before your bday .  love to hear your thoughts.