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HI Fashionistas,

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Once again i am here with another post with Groupon. If you saw my previous post than you already know how much i love groupons.

This post is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Living in NYC there is so much to do but it can be so expensive but with groupons there are amazing deals you can catch to enjoy the city life.

I have personally use groupon to do so many fun events such as paint and sip where you can enjoy wine and paint at the same time. This was a great event and it was affordable as well. When it comes to date night me and my husband always likes to try fun and different activities. So when i saw groupon had the paint and sip event i knew we had to try it. Now im not no artist but it was all about the fun we had and the fact we only spent $50 dollars for the both of us made it much more fun. Now without groupon we would have paid $100 a person so we saved alot.

Another fun event for only $14 is a liberty cruise for two which is great as you can see the statute of liberty and enjoy other sites as the brooklyn bridge for example. This is perfect for date night.

For the concert lovers like myself there are also great deals on shows you can see as well which is a plus since concert tickets are very pricy (trust me i know)

Overall the possibility’s are endless but with groupon you will never break the bank or your budget.

Check out this link if you want to save money and enjoy what NYC has to offer


What are some events that you purchase through groupon i would love to hear your thoughts.