HI Fashionistas,

Today will not be your normal post hence the name of it but I feel I needed to get this off my chest.

I have been going back and forth about this for sometime now as I  wanted a right way to go about it without bashing or throwing shade as we like to say lol.

Blogging was a way for me to bring out my creative side and bring to you my love of fashion and all things that I enjoy and make me happy.

Now I will say the road is often difficult as there are bumps you may come across from time to time. What makes me upset is when people use this platform for negativity and bashing instead of uplifting and supporting one another. Which is what I thought this was about.

Never in my dreams would I have thought we as minority women would take the time out and bash one another or be negative especially when you should be thankful about the platform that you were blessed with.

Yes blessed with because success does not come overnight and just the way you work hard to get where you are it can all be taken away just like that.

Now I’m not hear to preach but just wanted to get the message out there cause my goal is to always uplift and inspire women and young girls especially of minority race.

Instead of being negative or spreading negativity. Think before speaking or doing because actions speak louder than words.