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Hi Fashionistas,

This post is a little different from the normal fashion post. I wanted to take the time out and talk with you about some recent beauty products I have been testing out.

If you do not know I love makeup. A few years ago I would not have dare to try makeup as I refused and did not see the point.  Fast forward and im obessed.

One of my favorite products are lipsticks and I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks. So when I was sent these new Avon Matte lipsticks to try out I was thrilled.

Avon has been around for years and we mostly know it as the company that our mothers and grandmother’s order from. Over the recent years Avon has drawn attention to the younger consumers with their products.

What I love about Avon is that they are affordable so you are not breaking the bank. There were three different colors that I tried out. 

The first was called Adoring Love. This color is a bright pink color. The color was pretty but I personally did not think it suited my face.


The next color was wild cherry. This had the Burgendy undertones and it was actually my favorite color. I loved how it looked on me.


The last color was Red Supreme. I am a huge fan of red lipstick and this one did not disappoint as it is a deeper red that can be worn everyday basis.


These colors can be found on the avon website. There are 12 amazing colors in all and they are on sale for $6 which is a bargain. 


I overall love the lipsticks as they stay on for a good amount of time and it does not leave your lips feeling dry.  So it is actually a moisture matte lipstick.

I hope you enjoy this post and look forward to seeing more beauty and product reviews coming soon.