Hi Fashionistas,

I can not believe we are almost through with the month of September and my bday is approaching soon (october 8). Now the last time i checked i havent post since may so i basically took the summer off lol but it was much needed although i still posted on instagram. I realized i connected more by just posting and not physically actually writing a blog post.  

I also been working on my new business of being a jewelry consultant with tracilynn fashion jewelry and i have,been loving it although i will not lie it is alot of work like seriously it is. 

I am also growing as a person where i no longer need the validation of my other peers in the industry and just rock to my own beat and be me. 

I also learned that everyone is not your friend and i have accepted it and moved on. So i have to say my long extended break helped me to get where i am today. 

So i will leave with some of my favorite post from the summer. Until next time.