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Hi fashionistas ,

Happy Wednesday.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and great start to your work week. My week started off with a big bang literally. 

Balance is something that we all try to manage especially when we are working professionals. For me being a full time career women and blogger has many challenges that i have recently discovered.  Let me correct that i have been noticing it for a few months but still been trying.

If you do not know, i am foster care supervisor over an intense therapuetic unit so my day can start from 7 am and end at 8pm. 

So being able to blog as much as i like has been becoming a thing of the past. Even trying to do photograph has had some challenges. 

I have to often remind myself that it is ok because the blogging world can be very cruel i tell you. 

Day by day i have been learning to balance and just plan which has been going good. 

So let me know what you all think do you have issues with balancing . I would love to hear your thoughts.