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Hi Fashionistas,

Happy saturday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Mothers day is tomorrow and I wanted to share this special post about my favorite lady which is my mother.

Although mothers day is one day we should appreciate our mothers everyday . Even if it’s a mother figure,  friend, sister or cousin it does not matter.

Growing up my mom raised me as a single parent and I seen how hard she works and still till this day she is working hard to provide for her family. She has giving me so much that I know I could never repay her.

So I wrote this little note to her which I title a mother’s love.

A mother’s love

A mother love is something that you can understand at times.



You think what does it mean to love or does my mom really love me. If she loved me why is she always yelling at me. Why she always makes me do chores when I do not want to.

When I had that big exam you made me stay home for the weekend to study until I was confident in my work.



You are always there to provide me with the Guidance and support I need.
Showing me right from wrong even when I do not want to hear it.


You are a true example of showing how much hard work you have done in order to provide for your children.


Growing up with only you as a parent I did not understand why and felt I was missing out by not having a father in my life but you proved me wrong by being both mom and dad for me.


As a child I felt you never gave me a
break but as an adult I realize how much you scarfice for me to be where I am today.


I am happy that you pave the way for me to be who I am and allow me to make the choices and decisions for myself even if you did not agree.

For this I say I love you and I appreciate you. Happy mothers day.