Hi Fashionistas,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I wanted to talk with you all about life goals. I know you are like wait no fashion post or outfit of the day. Sorry not this time. We all talk about the goals that we have and how we want to move forward in our life but often we never go through with it. We always put it off till tomorrow or the next day which is not good nine times out of ten.

For myself i tend to be one of those peoples as i always worry about what some one may say or think if it is done, but i have realized that i no longer can live my life like this. When i started this blog out it was an outlet for me to express myself and a sense of fashion which is what i love. I have realize that working full time and being a blogger full time is a lot of work.

Recently after having a discussion with two good friends of mine i realize i have to push myself harder if i want to get where i want to be with my blog. Meaning i have to treat is as I would treat anything else i work hard for.

So for me my life goal is to be the best with my blog and reach out more, as well as putting myself out there as well.

There are some few other goals i would like to accomplish but once they are complete i will share with you guys soon.

I would like to hear from my followers in what they would like to see from fashionicondrea as well as any topics you would like for me to discuss on the blog. you can email me at fashionicondrea@gmail.com, as well as following me on instagram and twitter with username fashionicondrea. Until next time.