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Hi Fashionistas,

Happy monday. Hope everyone had a blessed weekend.  Mines was full of spending good times with family and friends.

I love to wear colorful outfits in the summer because they are fun. I also enjoy the two piece trend of matching outfit sets. I know I said this before but Jcpenney is my favorite store for some fashionable and affordable clothing. 

I purchased this from jcpenney awhile back and decided to wear it recently to work. I initially was going to wear heels but I opted to wear my sandals. The skirt is high low and the top is actually a crop top but I pulled the skirt up so that it can be covered. 

I love the colors as it looks like paint was thrown on it and made a great design lol. What I love is I can wear it separately as well wearing the top or skirt with other pieces in my closet which I will be doing.

Hope you enjoy this look and enjoy the rest of your week.