Hi Fashionistas,

I know I haven’t posted an outfit pic this week but the weather in NYC has been brutal with all the snow. I realized not all my post have to be about fashion lol. I wanted to expand my blog a little more and ever since I revamped it. I see the plus side to it :).

Today is Valentine’s day and as a kid growing up I always looked forward to it. Anybody that knows me knows I love cards but as an adult you realize material things dont matter.  All that matters is the special people you get to spend it with.

For me the last seven years have been spent with my now husband and what I appreciate and admire about him as though he does not care for the holidays he will do little things with me. This day is very special because its also been five months since we have been married 🙂

Im excited just to spend time with him doing nothing or just hanging out but what I always will remember is the love he shows to me everyday. I hope everyone enjoys the day and look forward to hearing your plans