Hi Fashionistas,

Happy friday. I am happy the work week is winding down so I can rest. Its snowing once again in nyc but hey that’s mother nature for you.

As a blogger it tends to get hard sometimes with styling and keeping up with what you have. My issue I always have is buying one of something in every color or style. That is why for this year I decided im going to rework my closet because I have a lot of outfits that have not been worn or only worn once.

These printed pants are amazing. They are from H&M and a few of my blogger buddies have them as well. I purchased these pants last year on clearance.

When I first wore them I paired it with flats. In the winter you can wear summer or spring wardrobe by layering or adding boots like I did. I wore a sweater and a thrifted blazer. It was a great look. Im excited to figure out other ways to wear them.

How do you rework some of your items in your closet. Would love to hear your thoughts.